Personal Debt Consolidation

Our personal term loans give you ability to borrow money and pay it back monthly, as well as helping with building your credit!

Personal Debt Consolidation

A personal term loan allows you to borrow a specific amount of money that you can use for a variety of reasons and pay it back through regular monthly payments. These loans can also be a good tool for building credit if you make your payments on time.  

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Personal Debt Consolidation Rates

Personal/Debt Consolidation

36 months
Rate             APR *
15.00%       15.72%

48 months

16.00%       16.57%

60 months

16.50%       16.97%

* Subject to application and credit approval. Your rate may be different depending on your credit score. APR based on $25,000 financed, at the maximum term, including a $250 processing fee. Other rates, terms, payments and loan amounts are available by contacting any loan officer.
Loan payment example: New car loan for $25,000 for 72 months at 6.75% (7.11% APR) payments would be $427.57.

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